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A system for technique and accelerated reaction training of a person by a training program in which an array of lights is positioned visibly in front of the person, with each light signifying a different particular movement pattern to be executed by the person in a given amount of time. A control system selectively energizes one light of the array at a time, signifying a particular movement pattern to be executed, in a sequence of lighting of the array of lights unknown to the person undertaking the training program. In this program, the sequence of lighting of the array appears to be random, such that the person waits for an unknown light to be energized, and must then react in a measured time period with the particular movement pattern to be executed in response to that particular light. The control system is programmable to enter a different individual time period of response for each different light, and then times each individual time period of response. Additionally, an audible feedback is supplied to the person by an acoustic transducer which is activated by the control system at the end of each individual time period of response to audibly signal, such as by a beep, to the person the end thereof. In a preferred embodiment, the control system is microprocessor programmed and operated. The microprocessor is coupled to an address bus, a control bus, and a data bus, and each of the array of lights, as well as additional controlled features said as a voice synthesizer which provides audible instructions, is coupled to and controlled by the microprocessor by signals issued on the address bus, the control bus, and the data bus. The array of lights comprises an array of six lights arranged in top and bottom horizontal rows of three lights, with the top and bottom rows being aligned vertically with respect to each other. Moreover, the system is preferably constructed and provided in a portable carrying case, wherein the array of lights is mounted in the top portion of the carrying case, and the control system and programming keyboard therefor is located in the bottom portion.

Sports technique and reaction training system
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July 25, 1986
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October 27, 1987
John J Gazzo
Svein Faret
Rick A Elstein
Scully Scott Murphy & Presser
Innovating Training Products
A63B 69/38
A63B 69/00
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