04697045 is referenced by 16 patents and cites 14 patents.

A staple for installation in a wood support having a U-shaped body defined by a pair of rod-like legs in fixed parallel spaced-apart relationship terminating at one end with the opposite ends of an arcuate member and each leg terminating its respective other end in a chamfered, cut-away point. Each leg is further provided with a notched barb outwardly extending beyond the surface of each leg defining a rounded ramp on its side nearest the point and a step on its other side. A sleeve of insulative material is disposed on the inside of the staple adjacent to the arcuate member.

Electrically insulative staple
Application Number
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Application Date
April 3, 1986
Publication Date
September 29, 1987
Marguerite R Beatty
5582 Club View Dr., Yorba Linda, 92686
Roger A Marrs
E06C 9/04
E01B 9/06
F16B 15/06
H01B 17/00
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