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A technique is provided for monitoring the viewing habits of individuals in selected households. A stationary monitoring unit is provided which cooperates with a portable monitoring unit designed to be worn on the head of the individuals in such household. The stationary monitoring unit includes a transmitter for emitting an activating signal to a receiver on the portable monitoring unit. Such receiver senses the emitted activating signal only if the individual wearing it is looking at the television set. When the activating signal is sensed, it is used to activate a transmitter which emits a signal uniquely identifying the individual wearing it. This signal is emitted to stationary monitoring unit which includes circuitry for recognizing it and storing it in a recorder for later retrieval and analysis.

Television viewer meter
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February 7, 1986
Publication Date
September 22, 1987
Lee S Weinblatt
797 Winthrop Rd., Teaneck, 07666
Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward
H04N 17/00
H04H 9/00
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