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A flexible, non-collapsible conduit system separable but positioned around a standard cuffed, endotracheal tube to allow for direct topical application of medicinal substances to tissues of the larynx and trachea that might be irritated, traumatized, or stimulated by the endotracheal tube. An external injection port and tubing connect to an internal passage in the endotracheal tube side wall, the passage extending to connect with a system of flexible, non-collapsible conduits, whose lumens are always patent, integrated and distributed above, about and below the cuff area of the endotracheal tube. This system of flexible, non-collapsible conduits are perforated to allow for infusion of topically applied medicinal substance(s), such as anesthetic or anti-inflammatory substances, directly onto those tissues so affected by the cuff and tube regardless of whether the endotracheal tube is completely inflated, partially inflated or completely deflated.

Conduit system for directly administering topical anaesthesia to blocked laryngeal-tracheal areas
Application Number
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March 26, 1986
Publication Date
September 15, 1987
Sharon Y Buras
713 Live Oak, Metairie, 70005
C Emmett Pugh
A61M 25/00
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