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A catheter for insertion into a biological duct such as an artery, comprised of a flexible aspiration tube disposed within a delivery sleeve and connected at one end to a source of vacuum for providing suction within the duct in the vicinity of a biological obstruction, such as a blood clot. An injection tube extends through the aspiration tube for injecting medication into the duct, and an ultrasonic energy source also extends through the aspiration tube for transmitting ultrasound in the vicinity of the obstruction. The transmitted ultrasound and injected medication cooperate to emulsify and fragment the obstruction, and the fragmented obstruction is removed through the aspiration tube in response to suction being applied thereto. The catheter is compact and easily manipulable, providing substantial surgical accuracy.

Catheter for effecting removal of obstructions from a biological duct
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September 30, 1985
Publication Date
September 8, 1987
Frank B Stiles
P.O. Box 41, Carp, Ontario
Pascal & Associates
A61M 1/00
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