04691701 is referenced by 59 patents and cites 8 patents.

A carbon dioxide detector for determining the correct location of an endotracheal tube following intubation of a patient. The detector includes a housing with a first tubular member for connection to a endotracheal tube or the like, a second tubular member for connection to an anaesthetic circuit and an indicator to indicate the presence of carbon dioxide in the detector. Preferably the indicator is in the form of a transparent disc which sealingly engages an aperture in the housing, the disc having a chemical substance which provides a colour change indication when exposed to carbon dioxide from a patient.

Carbon dioxide detector
Application Number
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July 28, 1986
Publication Date
September 8, 1987
R Tudor Williams
3423 Utah Crescent N.W., Calgary, Alberta
Nixon & Vanderhye
A61M 16/00
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