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A microwave oven has a magnetron which launches microwave power into a cavity of the oven through an aperture in the base of the cavity. A metal tray, which may be a shelf or a rotatable turntable is supported above the aperture in a predetermined disposition so that the oven when devoid of food presents a poor power match with the magnetron in terms of effectiveness of power transfer from the magnetron into the oven cavity. As a result, the dielectric load of food items placed in the oven determines the power coupled to the loaded oven from the magnetron and the power transfer automatically increases in proportion to the dielectric food load in the oven. A forced hot air system blows hot air through the cavity, so that food items on the tray are cooked by the simultaneous application of microwave power and the hot air.

Microwave oven with power transfer automatically responsive to dielectric load of food
Application Number
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September 22, 1986
Publication Date
September 1, 1987
Kenneth I Eke
South Croydon
Penrose Lucas Albright Pravel Gambrell Hewitt & Kimball
Microwave Ovens
H05B 6/74
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