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Tags capable of wirelessly transmitting unique codes when energized by radio frequency (RF) energy are used to identify a variety of different locations and objects. A portable battery-powered unit having digital storage capabilities is designed to be transported to the general location of the tagged locations and objects. The user moves an RF antenna sufficiently close to the tag to energize it and cause the tag to transmit its code. The detected code is then stored in digital form in a memory. The location tags contain an association or master list of the objects associated with that particular location. The method finds particular utility in performing inventory control of furniture or other objects since the tags can be mounted at points thereon that are not readily observable, thereby preserving their aesthetic appearance. Other methods include patient identification in a health care facility, project scheduling, quality control, interior decorating, or any other procedure where identification of a particular object or location is a preliminary step before proceeding with further work. Preferably, a programmable device having a display is used to prompt the operator after the object or location has been detected.

Method of collecting and using data associated with tagged objects
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April 21, 1986
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August 18, 1987
Anthony Caracciolo Jr
1756 Welling, Troy, 48098
Thomas G Brown
6410 Woodland, Utica, 48087
James R Scribner
7694 Parkwood Ct., Waterford, 48095
Harness Dickey & Pierce
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