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A live presentation utilizing quality visual or audio supporting material may be given at at least one remote location from an originating location by use of standard voice grade telephone serivce by preparing a package of supporting material and transmitting such supporting material in advance of the presentation to the remote location. Such transmission may be, for example, by mail, courier, or nonrealtime electronic transmission. Presenting equipment is located at the remote location and at the time of the presentation, the originating and remote locations are connected via standard voice grade telephone service so that the oral presentation is transmitted from the originating location to the remote location via the telephone service and during the presentation, the presentor at the originating location controls the presentation of the supporting material at the remote location by controlling operation of the presenting device with control signals generated as desired by the presentor at the originating location and transmitted via the standard telephone service to the remote location. For example, if the supporting material are slides, the operation of the slide projector at the remote location is controlled by control signals generated by the presentor at the originating location to advance or back up the slides as the presentation is made in the same manner as if the presentor were actually present at the remote location.

Teleconferencing and teaching method and apparatus
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February 24, 1986
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July 28, 1987
Gordon W Young
P.O. Box 8551, Salt Lake City, 84108
Philip A Mallinckrodt
Robert R Mallinckrodt
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