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An apparatus and method for learning about the relationships and personalities among a group of participating persons, wherein a plurality of players can utilize tokens on a board in combination with a plurality of color cubes, scoring sticks, secret answer wheels, and question cards in the preferred embodiment of the invention. Scoring and the movement of the tokens is controlled by a combination of chance and the participating persons' knowledge of each other, as revealed by the secret answering of questions related to the present and future feelings and intentions of given persons chosen to be participants. Scoring is noted by insertion of relationship sticks into color cubes located on the tokens. The color personalities of the participating persons are reflected in individual participating person's sequential choice of color cubes for that person's token and thus affects the content of questions to be asked and answered relating to the personality of the participant.

Apparatus and method for learning about the relationships and personalities of a group of two or more persons
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November 27, 1985
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July 28, 1987
Leonard Krane
1855 Sunset Plaza Dr., Los Angeles, 90069
Lyon & Lyon
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G09B 19/00
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