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Various embodiments of a diaper adapter to fit adults as well as infants up to three years of age comprise absorbent material having an inner surface adapted to contact the user and an outer surface. Tabs carrying a filamentary type attachment material extend from the corners at one end of the diaper. At the opposite end, an elongated bar of a complementary filamentary type attachment material is on the inner surface of the diaper and parallel to the end. The bar, termed a "frontal movable fastening bar", is front folded onto the outer surface of the diaper and moved longitudinally toward the middle of the diaper until the proper length for the user is established. Side portions of the diaper are optionally folded to the proper width and the tabs are pulled around the waist and coupled to the bar.

Adjustable size diaper and folding method therefor
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December 5, 1983
Publication Date
July 21, 1987
Fredrica V Coates
1608 Dublin Rd., Charlottesville, 22903
Lowe Price LeBlanc Becker & Shur
A61F 13/16
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