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A catheter arrangement including a main tubing containing a radially expandable liner and a member for moving the liner out of the tubing while the tubing is in a blood vessel. Once out of the tubing, the liner expands radially outwardly into engagement with the blood vessel wall. The liner is a tube of woven plastic strands, and the moving member may be a secondary tube within the main tubing. The tubing or liner, or both, may carry a metal element for use as an X-ray marker. A smooth plastic nose cone is carried by the distal end of the main tubing, the nose cone being openable to permit ejection of the liner from the tubing.

Catheter arrangement having a blood vessel liner, and method of using it
Application Number
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December 2, 1985
Publication Date
July 21, 1987
Dominik M Wiktor
4 Culin Dr., Cranford, 07016
Alan H Levine
A61M 27/00
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