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In a data processor having a paging system, a list is kept of the disk seek time when a page of information is brought into processor memory from a disk storage device. (Seek time is the time for moving the disk read-write head radially inward or outward to the next track that is to be accessed.) The average seek time for the pages in memory is calculated and is compared with a reference value of seek time. When the average reaches the reference, the pages in memory are reordered on the disk. This reordering takes place as the pages are bumped from memory in the normal process of paging, and the pages are relocated on the disk tracks in the physical order in which the pages were originally brought into memory. If approximately the same pages are fetched again in approximately the same sequence, the read-write head of the disk drive will be moved a shorter distance between successive disk accesses with reduced backtracking. The invention is particularly intended for a data processor of intermediate size that is large enough to use a paging system but small enough to use a disk drive that has an appreciable seek time.

Data processing system with reorganization of disk storage for improved paging
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June 25, 1984
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July 14, 1987
Thomas A Kriz
Sandy Hook
W S Robertson
International Business Machines
G11B 20/12
G06F 12/12
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