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Encapsulated electronic circuit devices as well as methods and molding apparatus for making same are disclosed. For example, an integrated circuit "die" (or "chip") and the lead frame (or frames) to which it is physically affixed and electrically connected are positioned in a mold between stacks of resin impregnated fibrous layers of predetermined shape and size. The layers are then compressed under heat and pressure causing them to fuse together about the die and its lead frame(s). This forms a laminated protective sealed encapsulation for the die and adjacent portions of the lead frame(s), without causing undue damage to the delicate lead wires electrically connecting the die to the lead frame. Such multiple laminated layers of resin and fibers, which preferably include woven glass cloth or similar materials, provide a strong, resilient integrated circuit chip "carrier" (of either the "leaded" or "leadless" variety) which may conveniently include multiple lead frames, heat conductive members, strengthening members and the like.

Encapsulated electronic circuit device, and method and apparatus for making same
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May 23, 1984
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July 14, 1987
Milton I Ross
400 College Ave., Haverford, 19041
Cushman Darby & Cushman
H01L 25/04
H01L 23/48
H01L 39/02
H01L 23/28
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