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A diaper or other garment comprises a first piece of fluid absorbant fabric (12) profiled to the contour of a human body and having a pair of arcuate corner extensions (20) carrying hook type filamentary fastener strips (26) adapted to be coupled to loop type filamentary material (24) on a stomach portion of the garment when the garment is folded to be worn. An arcuate, protective cover (28) at each corner extension carries a filamentary loop strip (32) to self-close with the filamentary hooks (26) on the extensions and thereby protect the hooks (26) from lint during washing. Each filamentary strip (26, 32) is sewn to a fabric base (35) to prevent the strip from wrinkling or warping as a result of the high temperatures associated with commercial laundering. In another embodiment, a pair of two ply fabric tabs (46, 48) attached together at one end and to a waist belt (56) or garment (37) carry a strips (50, 52) of complementary filamentary fastener material. The strips are centrally positioned and span the width of the tabs whereby when the strips (50, 52) are coupled to each other, the region of the tabs (46, 48) above the strips (50, 52) establishes a loop to receive the end loops of an absorbant pad insert (38).

Garment having improved, self closing, filamentary fasteners
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November 13, 1985
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July 14, 1987
Jean Orsini
813 New York Ave., Raritan, 08869
Richard Jannoni
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1608 Dublin Rd., Charlottesville, 22903
Lowe Price LeBlanc Becker & Shur
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