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A sample-taking vessel 10 for pasty sample material, especially faeces, to be distributed in suspension fluid comprises a sample-taking cup 12 fitted on a vessel lid 14 and open towards the vessel bottom. The vessel bottom is formed with an elevation 28 which is shaped complementarily to the sample-taking cup 12. The cup wall 42 is provided at least in zones with sieve openings 44 out of which the sample material is forced and finely distributed in the suspension fluid 46 in the closing of the sample-taking vessel 10 with the aid of the vessel lid 14.

Test specimen container for pasty specimen material
Application Number
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Application Date
December 3, 1985
Publication Date
July 7, 1987
Andreas Szabados
Otto-Heilmann-Strasse 2, D-8022 Gruenwald
Toren McGeady & Associates
G01N 33/48
G01N 1/28
B03B 7/00
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