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A bag filling machine for use in holding a larger empty bag by a plurality of bag loops, the bag being filled while being held by the machine and then being released from the machine to be transported to a remote location is disclosed.

The machine comprises a plurality of downwardly and inwardly inclined members fixedly attached to the frame of the machine with the inclined members holding the empty bag by the plurality of bag loops usually used on an empty bag. A generally C-shaped hook is pivotably mounted on each inclined member and is moved from a holding position to a release position by a plurality of linkage rods connected to an activating mechanism. The inclined members and the C-shaped hooks co-act to permit the filled bag to release itself by gravity from the inclined members upon an activation of the C-shaped hooks by the activating mechanism. The activating mechanism may be a manual one such as a human being, a hydraulic cylinder, an air cylinder and an electric solenoid among other types.

Bag filling machine with releaseable supporting arms
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May 22, 1985
Publication Date
June 30, 1987
Charles E DeCrane
802 Janna St., West Monroe, 71291
Donna J Thies
Norvell E Von Behren
B65B 3/16
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