04674652 is referenced by 340 patents and cites 13 patents.

A controllable dispensing device for use by a drug therapist for the unsupervised administration to a patient of a drug therapy regimen. A field unit is loaded with a plurality of medication containers in a predetermined sequence. Along with the medication, a program of dosing times is stored in an electronic memory of the field unit. This program is defined using a computerized base unit and is transferred to the field unit via an interface between the base and field units. The field unit includes a display and alarm for altering the patient as to the times for dispensing and administering the medications in the containers. The field unit permits dispensing of containers only in accordance with the predefined schedule and records the actual times of container dispensing. Later, the field unit can be debriefed by the base unit via the interface and the base unit prepares a report of medication compliance for the drug therapist.

Controlled dispensing device
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April 11, 1985
Publication Date
June 23, 1987
Larry E Parkhurst
1707 Hawthorn Pl., Boulder, 80302
Edward M Aten
328 Plantation Rd., Bristol, 24201
Cushman Darby & Cushman
G06F 15/20
B65B 59/00
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