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Improves bipolar electrode probe devices for use in electrocautery and electrocoagulation include a central electrode having an outer electrode coaxially disposed therearound. The central and outer electrodes are electrically insulated from each other and are adapted to receive a high frequency voltage or direct voltage thereacross. The diameter of the central electrode as well as the inner and outer diameters of the outer electrode are dimensioned in accordance with the designated use of the probe, for example: general surgery, specialty surgery or microsurgery. In one of the improved embodiments, the central or axial electrode has an elongate untapered cylindrical shape having an exposed flat transverse surface at one end thereof. The outer electrode has an elongate hollow tubular shape which is coaxially disposed around the central electrode. A first end of the outer electrode is disposed behind the tip of the central electrode in order to form a probe end wherein the central electrode protrudes slightly beyond the plane defining the terminus of the outer electrode forming a tiered electrode structure. Depending upon the use, the probe end may be either straight or curved. Another embodiment includes a lumen through the center of the axial electrode. The electrodes are incorporated into an insulated holder which includes an electrical connector for mating to a high frequency voltage source when the lumen connector is provided and a fluidic connector for coupling the lumen with a source of irrigation, air or vacuum, or any of the three in alternation, as desired.

Coaxial bipolar probe
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January 10, 1985
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June 23, 1987
David S C Pao
95 High Point Dr., Churchville, 18966
Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris
A61B 17/39
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