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A container for sterilizing, and storing and presenting surgical instruments and materials in a sterilized condition has a container base member with a cover and bottom and side apertures for passage of a sterilizing agent; a sealing gasket between the container cover and the base member provides a seal and a tortuous path constituting a probability filter is provided exteriorly of the seal; a removable tray for instruments to be sterilized is carried within the container; a removable filter element commensurate in shape to the container base member is located intermediate the removable tray and the bottom of the container base member; the filter element may be of a soft formed element or may have a frame and is located with a portion extending outwardly between the base member and cover past the sealing gasket; the filter element provides a filter path permitting passage of sterilizing agent received through the bottom and side apertures into the container while the filter element inside the container and the tortuous path constituting a probability filter outside the container present a barrier to the passage of microorganisms to instruments in the tray after being sterilized.

Sterilization and storage container
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 30, 1984
Publication Date
June 9, 1987
Joseph D Wahlquist
Patrick C Wilson
Kimberly Clark Corporation
A61L 2/20
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