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A modular system of rectangular pavers which can be laid down across a grass area to support foot or vehicle traffic while permitting grass to grow through apertures in the pavers. Each paver is made up of a base plate having a rectangular grid of upstanding walls secured thereto. An aperture is provided through the base plate within each grid cell. The maximum distance between opposite walls in each cell is about one inch. Typically, the pavers will have thicknesses of up to about one inch. The base plates extend slightly beyond the edge of the grid on two sides, with the grid extending the same distance beyond the base plate on the other two sides so that a plurality of pavers can be assembled in a contiguous overlapping relationship. Abutting pavers may be secured together, such as by staples. To hold the assembly in place, anchoring spikes are provided having a rectangular head corresponding to the interior area of the bottom of each cell and an elongated, pointed shaft. The spike is forced into the soil through one of the apertures until the head contacts the bottom of the cell. The pavers are preferably formed from high density polyethylene or a similar material.

Turf compatible paver system
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June 9, 1986
Publication Date
June 9, 1987
Edward F Roach
11245 Forestview La., San Diego, 92131
Frank D Gilliam
E01C 5/20
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