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An isoelectric focusing technique and apparatus is described in which a steady-state pH gradient is established by the use of a series of parallel electrodes which border the focusing chamber and which may be clamped at varying voltages independently of one another. By maintaining appropriate voltages along with length of the chamber, the ionic species present in the buffer solution will be concentrated at either the anode or cathode end, depending on their charge, and the charge imbalance resulting from this concentration effect will cause the dissociation of water with the concommitant establishment of a pH gradient. By varying the intensity and shape of the voltage gradient, a wide range of pH gradients, and median values for these gradients, may be selected. Further, the gradient may be altered at will during the isoelectric focusing run without disturbing the components being resolved, allowing maximum resolution of a number of components from one run.

Isoelectric focusing device and process
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October 25, 1985
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June 2, 1987
Stanley M Hurd
30 Hawthorne Ave., Hamden, 06517
Bachman & LaPointe
G01N 27/28
G01N 27/26
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