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A computer automated manufacturing process and system (CAMPS) is disclosed which includes a computer system (12) which consists of a computer aided design computer (14) and a machine controller (16) which receives a file of coordinate information (18). An article (10) is designed by means of the computer aided design subsystem (14) and a data file of three-dimensional coordinate information is compiled. The coordinate information is input to the machine controller (16) which controls servos (20) and (22) in a polar coordinate system. The servos (20) and (22) further control the position of a working head (24) and working head (26) so that mass particles are injected to arrive at predetermined coordinate points in the coordinate system to form an article (34). An origination seed (32) is fixed at an origin of the coordinate system and the article (34) is built up around the origination seed (32). Other coordinate systems and apparatus for locating the mass particles at the coordinates of a three-dimensional article are disclosed so that the article may be built up in a number of coordinate systems, and controlled environments.

Computer automated manufacturing process and system
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July 2, 1984
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May 12, 1987
William E Masters
313 Dogwood La., Easley, 29640
Cort Flint
G06F 15/46
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