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A tool to protect professionals who use hypodermic needles in their work from inadvertent punctures to themselves by contaminated needles comprising a sliding member (16) and a stationary member (28). The first step in using this tool is to retract sliding member (16) by compressing protruding member (24 left and 24 right) together thereby reducing the overall width of (24). (24) is then manipulated into channel (26) and retracted to the point to where leaf (18) can be depressed. The user then allows spring (30) to protract sliding member (16), beveled edge (17) of leaf (18) will then catch in groove (19), the purpose being to expose the tip (41) of tube (42) while maintaining sliding member (16) in an unlocked position. The user can then puncture the outer dermis or layer of the subject without meeting obstruction from sliding member (16). Once the surface of the subject has been punctured, the user advances the needle whereby sliding member (16) is then compressed into stationary member (18), as the needle is advanced and sliding member (16) is compressed, leaf (18) is dislodged from groove (19) and springs back to its original position thus assuring no obstruction to the protraction of sliding member (16) as the needle is withdrawn. When the needle is withdrawn, sliding member (16) protracts back to its original pre-retracted position. As protrusion (24) reaches notch (36), protrusion (24 right) will re-expand to its pre-compressed width and lock into notch (36). As an added safety feature, protrusion (24 right) has a bevel shaped corner (38) that engages with an indentation (37) that is shaped to receive corner (38), thus further assuring that sliding member (16) can not accidently be disengaged from its locked position. Following use, the entire device with the needle safely enclosed, is disposed of in the proper receptacle.

Automatic protracting and locking hypodermic needle guard
Application Number
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March 7, 1986
Publication Date
May 12, 1987
Eric C Strauss
2505 Killarney Way, Modesto, 95355
A61M 5/32
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