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A rectangular plastic trash basket (10) with front and back faces (14,18) joined by two sides (12,16) has an open top surrounded by a rim (17). Inside the basket, at the top of the respective sides, are two flat vertical plates or vanes (15, 15'), whose bases are integral with the sides, and whose upper ends are free and are spaced from the sides to define spaces or slots (19). A plastic, handled grocery bag (23) can be placed in the basket and its handles placed in the slots and hung from the vanes, whereby the bag is held open and able to receive and be stuffed with trash. The vanes can be coplanar with their sides, in which case the portions of the sides adjacent the vanes including portions of the rim, are bent out to provide the slot space, or the sides can be straight and the vanes held away from the sides by inwardly extending portions at their bases. In lieu of vanes, a pair of slot (42) can be provided extending down from the top of each side to form a free upward portion (44) around which the bag's handle can be hung.

Trash basket having integral, internally-flush vanes for supporting plastic grocery bags
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July 22, 1985
Publication Date
May 12, 1987
Victor H Goulter
485 Molimo Dr., San Francisco, 94127
Brian A Brown
325 Lake St., San Francisco, 94118
David Pressman
B65D 25/16
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