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Apparatus for repairing a casting having a crack therein comprising a metal lock to extend across the crack and a lacing plug to fit in the crack, the metal lock formed as a rigid elongate member having a plurality of lobes formed from adjacent portions that are circular in cross-section and each having its center on the longitudinal axis of the elongate member, said lobes being of alternating large and small diameters and including a central large diameter lobe and at least one outer large diameter lobe at each side of the central large diameter lobe, said central large diameter lobe being spaced from each outer large diameter lobe by a small diameter lobe and with each lobe overlapping its adjacent lobe and extending through the elongate member; and the lacing plug including a head configured to receive a driving tool, a tapered shaft, a shoulder at a top of the tapered shaft, a non-threaded shaft portion interconnecting the head and the tapered shaft, a break-off groove formed in the non-threaded shaft portion adjacent to the shoulder, and straight threads formed on the tapered shaft, said threads having a uniform minor pitch diameter and a tapered major pitch diameter, said major pitch diameter being parallel to the outer diameter of the tapered shaft.

Metal lock system and method
Application Number
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November 17, 1983
Publication Date
May 5, 1987
Gary J Reed
West Valley
B Deon Criddle
Robert R Finch
Reed International Incorporated
B23P 7/00
B65D 69/00
F16B 35/04
F16B 31/00
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