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A video game in which a television screen or cathode ray tube is used to display a variety of plays previously preformed by living beings and recorded at the time on a video recording medium, such as video tape or video disks, the particular previously performed play which is displayed during each turn, or each play of the video game in accordance with this invention depending on the number, or combination or numbers, selected by one or more players, such number corresponding to one of the previously performed and recorded plays. The number selected is fed into an electronic control console, which includes circuitry to signal an electronic playback unit in which the previously performed and recorded plays have been stored to re-run the particular play corresponding to the number selected through a pick-up circuit connected to the cathode ray tube or television screen. Plays of a variety of games, including football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis and the like may be recorded to play any of such games in accordance with this invention. The invention includes a record keeping system to record the progress, if any, of each player towards a score or goal indicated by the particular play selected and displayed during each player's turn.

Video game with playback of live events
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May 23, 1986
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May 5, 1987
Craig Enokian
7455 W. 125 St., Palos Heights, 60463
Ernest Kettelson
A63F 9/22
A63F 7/06
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