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A device for maintaining a luminaire support ring centered about and stabilized on a pole as it is being raised and lowered along the pole. A plurality of spaced stabilizing arms are pivotally mounted on the support ring and are biased into engagement with the pole by individual cables which also provide the raising and lowering means for the support ring. The cables provide a constant centering and stabilizing force exerted by the arms against the pole throughout the vertical travel of the support ring uneffected by changes in pole diameter. Tapered rollers mounted on the arms engage the pole to provide a lower friction sliding engagement therebetween. The arms also extend a predetermined distance beyond the pole engaging rollers to maintain the pole trapped between the arms should the support ring move off-center from the pole. The cables are connected to the arms by compression coil springs to provide resiliency to the system to compensate for manufacturing tolerances to insure latching of the support ring at the pole top. Cable sheaves mounted on the support ring change the direction of the cables 90.degree. from their horizontal engagement with the arms to an upward vertical movement toward second cable sheaves mounted on a fixed support at the pole top for directing the cables downwardly through the pole interior.

Stabilizing device for luminaire support ring
Application Number
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August 31, 1984
Publication Date
April 28, 1987
Louis A Chenot
North Canton
Sand & Hudak Co
Metaltec Corporation
F21V 21/14
F21V 21/36
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