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A D/A converter comprising two capacitor arrays consisting of capacitors with weighted by a factor of two, and shift switches for coupling each of the capacitors selectively to one of two reference voltages, one of the capacitors of one array and one of the capacitors of the other array being paired to correspond to one data bit in each input binary code, a balanced operational amplifier having two complementary inputs and two complementary outputs respectively associated with the inputs, a feedback capacitor connected between each of the inputs and each of the outputs of the operational amplifier, polarity switches having a state providing connection from one array to the one input and from the other array to the other input of the operational amplifier and a state providing connection from the one array to the other input and from the other capacitor array to the one input of the operational amplifier, and a control circuit to detect the polarity of the voltage into which each input binary code is to be converted. The control circuit is operative to control the shift switches to shift each of the capacitors between the two reference voltages depending on the status of the data bit corresponding to the paired capacitors and to shift the polarity switches between the two states thereof depending on the detected polarity.

Digital-to-analog converter
Application Number
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July 30, 1985
Publication Date
April 28, 1987
Akira Yukawa
Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas
NEC Corporation
H03K 13/02
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