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A shock and vibration handle for application to the hand gripping portion of the normal handle of an impacted, vibration sensitive item, such as, a tennis racket, a racquetball racket, a golf club, a baseball bat, and other impact devices, such as hammers, and the like. The shock and vibration absorbent handle includes an inner tubular isolation shell of shock and vibration absorbent material mounted on the hand gripping portion of the normal handle. An outer tubular shell is mounted around shock absorbent material, and has it wrapped therearound a covering material. The absorbent material may be employed as longitudinal strips, spaced around the periphery of the handle or an integral, single piece tubular member. The inner tubular shells of absorbent material may be mounted on an inner tubular mounting shell which is mounted on the handle, and which has operatively mounted therein a cantilever spring beam having a weight on the free end thereof. In the last described handle the absorbent material may be deleted since the spring is also a vibration damper.

Shock and vibration absorbent handle
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March 25, 1985
Publication Date
April 28, 1987
Robert D Shomo
22303 Fairfax, Taylor, 48180
Robert G Mentag
A63B 49/08
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