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A color graphics system for displaying a plurality of polygons, based upon polygon commands supplied by a host computer. The system accepts the commands from the host and circulates them in a circular queue past a polygon processor or "painter's station" which examines each to see if it is on the line currently being processed. If the polygon is on the line, a line command or "micropainter" is generated and placed in a pipeline comprising a plurality of microprocessors, one for each picture element ("pixel") in the video scan line. The micropainters are passed from processor to processor down the pipeline, in synchronization with the video scan. Each pixel processor examines the micropainter and stores its color if the painter affects the pixel on the scan line which is assigned to that processor, and, in one embodiment, if the micropainter is painting a polygon which is higher (less in depth) than the last polygon whose color was stored in the processor. A special command, called a "microinspector" is introduced into the pipeline once each scan, and causes each pixel processor in turn to output its stored video information to a video refresh processor, which drives the display.

Pipelined, line buffered real-time color graphics display system
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July 30, 1984
Publication Date
April 14, 1987
Nader Gharachorloo
Michael F Brown
Cornell Research Foundation
G09G 1/14
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