04657132 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 21 patents.

A waist mountable cartridge holder assembly comprising a cartridge case having integrally formed base, foldable hinge and cover portions. A cartridge holder track support member is provided on the base portion so as to snap clampably supportably engage a plurality of individual cartridges in transversely oriented spaced-apart longitudinally aligned fixed positions above the base portion so as to enable finger access between the base and the individual cartridges so as to facilitate direct unloading of individual cartridges therefrom. The case cover portion is selectively foldable onto the base portion so as to cover the cartridge holder track support member and cartridges supported thereon. A snap tab lock is provided to extend from the base portion to lockably engage the cover portion in its closed position. The snap tab lock is selectively snap releasable so as to permit flip opening of the cover member to provide easy finger access to cartridges fixedly retained on the cartridge holder track support member.

Cartridge holder
Application Number
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December 18, 1984
Publication Date
April 14, 1987
Saide Abdo
3005 Herrick Dr., Lansing, 48910
George P Pappas
F42B 37/00
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