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A handpiece adapted for use with a plurality of different electrosurgical electrodes. The handpiece comprises a collet in which a central bore for receiving adaptors and electrodes extends axially from an endface, slits for receiving the flat end of a scalpel blade extend radially from the central bore, and a pair of axial bores for receiving the two pins of electrocoaptation forceps are diametrically arranged with respect to the central bore. The bore of an insulating sleeve and the outer surface of the collet cooperate to compress the slitted portion of the collet during relative rotation in a first direction. A forceps adaptor is provided for coupling forceps to a handpiece without diametrically opposed bores. The pin of the adaptor is inserted in the central bore of the collet and a pair of flexible tubes, electrically connected to the adaptor pin, are adapted to receive the pins formed on forceps.

Electrosurgical handpiece for blades, needles and forceps
Application Number
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April 16, 1985
Publication Date
April 14, 1987
Alan G Ellman
1 Auerbach La., Lawrence, 11516
Jon C Garito
264 Hedge La., Hewlett Harbor, 11577
Rosen Dainow & Jacobs
A61B 17/36
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