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A warning device for indicating a position of a golf cart on a golf course with respect to a restricted area includes a transmitter of an energy wave and a receiver of the energy wave. In one embodiment, the receiver is mounted on the golf cart and the transmitter is located at the restricted area. In another embodiment, both the transmitter and receiver are mounted on the golf cart and a reflector for the energy wave is mounted at the restricted area. The energy wave contains information about the position of the golf cart with respect to the restricted area such that an indication of the position can be generated by lighting a lamp, or by generating a sound, or by generating a digital visual display.

Warning device for golf carts
Application Number
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August 26, 1985
Publication Date
April 7, 1987
Richard Tavtigian
12 Exmoor, Toledo, 43615
Marshall & Melhorn
A63B 57/00
G01S 17/08
G01S 13/48
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