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A unique manipulative/grasping assembly adapted for use in conjunction with endoscopic instruments in disclosed herein. This assembly comprises an elongated tool having an elongated shaft with resilient, flexible fingers on the distal end thereof. These fingers can be biased in a spaced apart relationship. The tool of the shaft is housed within the channel of a first tubular sheath, and a second such tubular member concentrically surrounds the first tubular member, although somewhat shorter in length than the first tubular member. In the preferred embodiments of this invention, the proximal end of the tool and the second tubular member are cofixated to a stationary platform conveniently located along with the other controls of the endoscope. The proximal end of the inner tubular sheath is attached to a moveable, or sliding platform within this common control mechanism. In the operation of this assembly, the inner tubular sheath is extended or retracted along the shaft of the tool thereby enabling engagement of an object by the flexible fingers of the shaft without any axial motion of the tool or recession of the fingers of the tool from the object during the grasping procedure.

Multicomponent flexible grasping device
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June 24, 1986
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April 7, 1987
Claude E Petruzzi
Perman & Green
American Hospital Supply Corporation
A61B 1/06
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