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Disclosed herein is a pill dispensing machine which can selectively dispense a plurality of different medications into preformed recesses in a plastic strip. The machine includes data entry means for entering the various types of medications to be dispensed and the time and date at which such medications are to be administered to the patient. The machine controls a plurality of dispensing devices to dispense into each of the recesses one or more pills associated with a particular time and date for administration. The machine also includes printing means for printing the date and time of administration onto a backing label adapted to cover the recesses to form a wholly contained pill container. The machine also includes a conveyor mechanism for moving the plastic strips past the dispensing means and the label applying area so that, at the output of the machine, completed packages of pills ready for administration at the specified printed time can be given to the patient.

Pill dispensing machine
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December 11, 1985
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April 7, 1987
Luis T Wigoda
345 N. Shore Dr., Miami Beach, 33141
Harry W Barron
B65B 61/26
B65B 59/02
B65B 5/12
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