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An incision opening expansion holder for use surgical operation, especially for inosculation comprising an outer tube being capable of inserting into the lumen of a vein graft, an inner tube slidably inserting into the outer tube and a grip being fixed to one end of the inner tube, the inner tube has a plurality of short wires, the bases of which are fixed to the other end of the inner tube and each wire is to be energized to expand so as to hold the incision opening of the vein graft open when the holder is inserted into the lumen and also when the wires of the inner tube are projected out of the outer tube by handling the grip, so that inosculation operation can be undertaken under good visual field and surgeons can observe easily the piercing point of sewing of the vein graft.

Incision opening expansion holder for inosculation
Application Number
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Application Date
January 29, 1986
Publication Date
March 31, 1987
Hisayoshi Suma
High-Lark Nishi Kyogoku 101, 64 Hamanohommachi, Nishi Kyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Moonray Kojima
A61L 17/11
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