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A blood sampling device (10,10') including a housing (12,12') having an open end portion (16,16') and an inner chamber (18,18') adjacent to the open end portion (16,16'). A plunger (40,40') is slidably mounted within the chamber (18,18') for supporting a lancet (28,28') having a lancet blade extending therefrom. The plunger (40,40') is movable between a retracted position disposing the lancet blade (29,29') away from the open end portion (16,16') and an unretracted position disposing the lancet blade (29,29') to extend beyond the open end portion (16,16'). The device (10,10') includes a gasket (30,30') for perfecting a seal between the housing (12,12') and the plunger (40,40') for creating a vacuum within the inner chamber (18,18') when the plunger (40,40') is moved from the unretracted position to the retracted position to thereby draw blood from the lanced skin.

Blood sampler
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August 9, 1985
Publication Date
March 31, 1987
Mitchell P Dombrowski
103 Mapleton, Grosse Point Farms, 48236
Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Milton
A61B 5/14
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