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There is provided a process for producing a hydrocarbon product from a feed gas by passing at least a portion of a feed gas stream comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide to a first separation zone and physically separating the feed gas stream, as for example by use of a membrane, into a first hydrogen stream wherein the ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide is greater in the feed gas stream and thereafter passing the first hydrogen stream to a product reaction zone to form a mixed product stream, which in turn undergoes physical separation to form a second hydrogen stream for selective recycle to the product reaction zone and a product stream including a hydrocarbon product such as methanol or methane.

Process for producing methanol from a feed gas
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February 24, 1986
Publication Date
March 17, 1987
Arnold P Keller
8226 Furlong La., Houston, 77071
Arnold White & Durkee
C07G 27/06
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