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In a box for packaging of filter bags for infusion products at their exit from a machine producing them obtained from a punched blank of cardboard in which with the aid of folding lines walls are defined for the bottom, cover and sides, the lateral walls of the box being provided with edges for connection and partial lengthwise covering of two opposite sides of the box, this box being further provided with one or more elements with partitioning walls such as to define at least two areas for the filter bags within the box for their containment one after the other in a corresponding number of rows parallel to each other, an element made of cardboard is also provided extending at least from the area or the interior surface of the bottom wall of the box until it comes to correspond to the cover wall, passing across a lateral wall and having at least one slit suited to engage a corresponding partition element in such a way that the mentioned cardboard element exercises an action of pressure on the rows of filter bags and of containment thereof towards and against the wall which locks the cover in its closed position.

Filter-bag package
Application Number
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Application Date
February 27, 1985
Publication Date
March 17, 1987
Alessandro Grazia
Herbert Dubno
Karl F Ross
IMA Industrie Macchine Automatiche
B65D 85/16
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