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A data card having a lower covering film (2), a card body (3) and an upper covering foil (1), in which the card body (3) a carrier body (4) is present which is provided on one or both sides with conductor tracks (11, 12) and carries a semiconductor chip (5). In order to be able to contact the semiconductor chip (5) by means of conventional wire connections (7) and nevertheless not to exceed a thickness of 0.76 mm for the card, the carrier body (4) has the form of a film which is provided with a perforation (10) and in which the semiconductor chip (5) is disposed in the perforation (10) and is surrounded on the upper side of the carrier body (4) by a frame (8) and is covered with a covering mass (9). In the manufacture of such a card, the carrier body (4) provided with a perforation (10) is first covered on its lower side with a preferably self-adhering film (6), to which the semiconductor chip (5) is then adhered, while this film (6) is removed after the frame (8) and the covering mass (9) have been provided.

Data card and method of manufacturing same
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September 22, 1983
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March 10, 1987
Edward Uden
Norman N Spain
U S Philips Corporation
H01L 39/02
G06K 19/00
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