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Disclosed is a multi-layer preform for the production of a bottle by draw-blow forming, which comprises a neck portion having an open end, a part for engagement with a lid member and, if necessary, a supporting ring, and a thick barrel portion to be drawn and a closed bottom portion, wherein the neck portion and inner walls of the bottom and barrel portions are integrally formed of a thermoplastic polyester, a thin intermediate layer composed of a gas-barrier thermoplastic resin is formed on the inner walls of the barrel and bottom portions so that the top end of the intermediate layer is extended to the point just below the neck portion, an outer layer of a thermoplastic polyester is formed in such a positional relation that the outer layer covers the intermediate layer, and a joint is formed directly or through the intermediate layer between the outer layer and the neck portion just below the neck portion.

Multi-layer preform for draw-blow forming a bottle
Application Number
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September 28, 1984
Publication Date
March 3, 1987
Shigezo Nohara
Sherman and Shalloway
Toyo Seikan Kaisha
B32B 27/36
B32B 1/02
B65D 23/00
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