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An expansion valve having a pressure chamber for changing its inside pressure, an expansion chamber provided with an orifice at a hole formed between a primary path and a secondary path, and a valve member provided within the expansion chamber, the position of the valve member being normally biased by one end of a spring in the direction of closing the orifice, in which the expansion valve further comprises an actuator having a solenoid, a rod coupled to the spring, and an action plate which is attracted by the solenoid when the solenoid is biased. With this construction, an additive force is applied to the spring and the opening of the orifice can be adjusted by a combined action of the distinctive force of the spring plus the additive force of the actuator through the valve member in the initial period of cooling condition in accordance with the change in the temperature of the evaporator, thereby adjusting the superheat.

Expansion valve
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September 30, 1985
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March 3, 1987
Toshimitsu Nose
Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans
Nissan Motor
F25B 41/04
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