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A disc shaped holder device with an expandable center hole wherein the invention has a circular bead around its circumference and an internal centrally located access hole of convenient diameter, and an internal membrane completely filling the area between the bead and the central access hole, and wherein the membrane is cut radially from the access hole to, but not through, the bead causing the membrane to be shaped into truncated pie shaped panels; wherein the invention is used singlely for securing plastic bags and the like in a reuseable fashion, and wherein the invention can be used in rows in a multiple configuration as a tool or utensil holder, or wire and cable separators; and wherein the device can be incorporated into a three dimensional body such as a sphere or ellipsoid and used for ornaments; and wherein the device can be incorporated into a lid or cover for a variety of bodies to form miniature greenhouses or frost and insect protectors.

Disc shaped holder with an expandable center hole
Application Number
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September 6, 1984
Publication Date
February 24, 1987
Ivan L Fish
2804 Carolina NE., Albuquerque, 87110
Samuel M Freund
F16L 3/08
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