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A venous reservoir is provided in which a blood inlet (42) is located at an inlet end (70) of the container (48) which extends upwardly with a fast rise and for a sufficient distance to allow the blood entering the inlet to enter a large volume and to expand rapidly. The top (74) of the inlet end wall (70) of the container communicates with a vent outlet (46) whereby a sharp decrease in the velocity of the blood flow resulting from its rapid expansion provides buoyancy to air in the blood causing air bubbles to rise to the top of the container and be vented through the vent opening. A top wall (76) of the container extends from the vent opening and toward a blood outlet (44), with the top wall being curved in a manner to prevent the velocity of blood from increasing until the blood is substantially at the blood outlet. The top wall (76) includes a curved portion (80) opposite to the inlet end (70) whereby the air bubbles that have not been discharged immediately upon entering the reservoir may flow back up the top wall to the vent opening.

Venous reservoir
Application Number
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November 5, 1984
Publication Date
February 17, 1987
Daniel W Viitala
Round Lake Beach
Kay H Pierce
Paul C Flattery
Baxter Travenol Laboratories
A61M 5/00
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