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To replace the customary short flexible tube with attached needle at one end and larger tube connector at its other end, a packaged sterile blood donor assembly is provided. The assembly includes a rigid body having a bore and being equipped at its forward end with a needle and at its rear end with a tube connector having a safety reversible cap. An exterior sleeve on the rigid body is lockable in two positions thereon with the needle in an exposed use position and with the needle retracted and locked in a safety non-use position rearwardly of a safety shield and elastic membrane on the forward end of the exterior sleeve. A discardable needle shield is also provided on the assembly.

Safety blood donor apparatus
Application Number
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March 27, 1986
Publication Date
February 17, 1987
Baldwin P Jennings Jr
330 Sharon La., Staunton, 24401
B P Fishburne Jr
A61B 5/14
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