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Flexible non-distortable handcraft sheet materials, including needlework fabrics, adaptable for receiving printed designs, patterns, photographs and craft instructional information and the methodology for producing the materials with the designs, patterns and photographs and instructional information printed thereon. Material alignment and feed features are located along the parallel edges of the materials for moving same through a computer-directed printer. In accordance with the methodology visual information in the form of designs, patterns, photographs, flat art work, still objects, live objects, etc. is converted into digital information through a digitizer with the digitized image information thereafter fed to a computer for manipulation and editing by software and keyboard direction and for conversion to visual image information for CRT display and for utilization by a computer printer as imprinted graphic information. The flexible handcraft sheet materials bearing printer feed features include: paper and paper laminates; leather, suede, simulated leather, paper-leather and plastic-leather laminates; paper-thin woods, wood veneers and wood alminates with paper or plastic; laminates including non-woven, spun-bonded random fiber plastic sheet; plastic and paper-plastic laminates; foils and foil laminates; and like craft materials.

Flexible non-distortable handcraft sheet material and method of applying printed designs thereto
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September 16, 1985
Publication Date
February 3, 1987
Marcella M Katz
10573 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles, 90024
Philip D Junkins
B42D 19/00
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