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The present invention relates to an apparatus for filtering solid matter from a gas. It particularly relates to improvements in bag house type filters for use in cleaning gas streams. There is provided a gas filter apparatus consisting of, in combination, a chamber having a top, base, and side walls, a conveyor tube for passing the solid laden gas into the chamber and centrally of a partition wall dividing the chamber into upper and lower compartments, gas and solid matter exit ports on the conveyor tube, in the lower compartment only, for use in distributing the gas and solid matter from the conveyor tube and directing at least a portion of the solid matter toward the base by gravity. The partition includes a number of openings communicating the upper and lower compartments, and filter tubes are provided in the lower compartment covering the openings. A suction device communicates with the upper compartment for venting the gas therefrom while a discharge device is provided at the bottom of the chamber for discharging the solid matter therefrom.

Dust separator
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November 18, 1985
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January 27, 1987
Henry Borow
185 Berlioz, Apt. 2N, Nuns Island, Verdun, Quebec
Swabey Mitchell Houle Marcoux & Sher
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B01D 46/04
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