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Fluidized hospital bed is provided incorporating a segmented, adjustable patient support structure having a plurality of flexible air impervious air bags releasably secured thereto. An air supply is provided for maintaining controllable inflation of selected groups of the air bags with air pressure therein being selectively and automatically adjustable for patient comfort and for emergency patient care. Each of the air bags has a single air inlet in communication with the air supply and multiple air vent holes along the upper side portions thereof or ventilation, patient heating or cooling and removal of moisture. Convex upper surface portions of the air bags facilitate support of the patient without wrapping of air bag material about the patient. The fluidized hospital bed system is powered electrically with both AC and DC current, enabling battery overide in the event of failure of the AC power supply. The power supply system also permits the hospital bed to be disconnected from the AC power supply and transported to other areas of the hospital facility while continuous operation is maintained by the self contained DC supply. Patient support and positioning apparatus enables the bed structure to support patients of virtually any size and weight. A movable footboard and collapsible bed-rail assembly are provided which promote patient comfort and easy access such as for emergency patient care treatment.

Fluidized hospital bed
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April 4, 1985
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January 27, 1987
Jack H Hess
Air Plus
A47C 27/08
A47C 27/10
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