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To provide for reliable explosion of an explosive pill, or the like in a passenger restraint system, for example to trigger an air belt, or a seat belt lock, an input signal derived from an impact transducer is applied to an integrator, the integrator being connected to a threshold circuit, to filter noise signals and the output signal from the threshold circuit being applied to an output terminal (8) for connection to the explosive pill or charge. To provide for reliable triggering of the explosive pill or charge, even if the input to the threshold circuit from the integrator passes the threshold level only for a very short period of time, so that the output signal from the threshold circuit (3) is below a desired minimum for triggering the explosive pill, the integrator is coupled to a threshold level circuit (1), the threshold setting of which is modified or changed upon occurrence of an output signal from the threshold circuit, by differentiating the output signal from the threshold circuit and modifying the threshold level in accordance with a differentiated signal; in the alternative, the output signal from the threshold circuit is passed through a summing circuit such as an OR gate (52) and, simultaneously used to trigger a monostable element (51), the output of which is summed in the OR gate to provide for an extended output UA at the output terminal of the system.

Extended response trigger circuit
Application Number
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February 22, 1985
Publication Date
January 20, 1987
Wadym Suchowerskyj
Klaus Oswald
Bernhard Mattes
Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward
Robert Bosch
B60R 21/08
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